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quarta-feira, janeiro 31, 2007

Two words about the war in Mesopotamia:

Chega, porra...

Mr Bush may well choose to insist recklessly and single-mindedly on action against Iran, oblivious to the largely unsubtle processes of self-destruction afforded by his equally benighted counterpart, Mr Ahmadinnejadin, in Teheran.

But the risk is that with a War President in Washington on his very last legs things might get very crazed indeed.

The value of an endless, boundless War on Terror of the sort that Mr Bush has prosecuted after re-emerging into public life on September 16, 2001 now no longer fools anybody.

In Iraq, the campaign has been a tactical stalemate (at best) and a strategic disaster. The US has managed to alienate each of the allies it had had before -- including Britain, but even that is another story -- and exacerbated every point of hostility that may have existed before.

For his sheer incompetence in the mismanagement of the affairs of state, George W. Bush must be impeached at once.


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